One of the two missions that KI-Esprit focuses upon is to enable innovative and secure companies to enter and form a stable platform within the Asian markets and in particular the countries which we know the best, namely: Japan, China and Korea.

Why Asia

In 1990, the year of our creation, nobody thought to export software to Japan. The country was known for its closed export market, and the Japanese appeared as if they would be able to compete in this area for the foreseeable future.

However, at this period in time, Japan was ranked second on the IT market leader board worldwide and was importing around 90 % of its software packages. Meanwhile, the French along with the Americans were becoming the largest software specialists.

It was the realisation of these facts that gave birth to KI-Esprit and our company now has its own office in this country.

At the end of 1990, Korea was emerging onto the international scene as a country with a large scale industrial plan. However, several trips to Korea confirmed that the software market had not yet matured. In 2004, seeing that the situation had rapidly developed, we decided to go ahead and apply our skills there. This step brought us into partnership with Asiance, a company which offers the same services in Korea as KI-Esprit in Japan.

As regards China, because we had been observing the evolution of the market for several years, in 2008 we decided to open a wholly owned subsidiary based at Dalian, a town known for its extensive trading with the outside world. Since then, we have had many assignments, and we continue to keep a watch on its sustained technology.

Within these three ICT markets, Japan’s and Korea’s are the most developed. More open and more dynamic, they are still important importers of technology. The Chinese market is nonetheless very active, being a market in full growth. A growth that we believe durable in the long term. Just these three Asian markets are today now equivalent to the whole of the European Union. haut

How is it done

KI-Esprit intercedes at three levels to aid the Export drive:

For each step, we help to define and obtain financial support.  [more]
However, we are not involved in business developments (meeting potential buyers, commercial forums, commercial team management). haut


It is important to keep in mind that Asian markets are difficult and costly. They are very demanding markets, requiring perseverance, however they are stable and for the long term.

Therefore, only companies with unsurpassed technology or services, ready to regularly meet with their partners and provide commercial, marketing and technical support to a high standard can succeed. The chance of success is, however, realistic, and KI-Esprit can help to secure this within a shorter time and for less expense.

Less expense, because we know local needs as well as our export clients needs. Therefore we know what preparation has to be done before penetration of these markets can be achieved. Less expense as well, because we have numerous contacts with potential partners and we understand, to a high degree, their way of working. We also know which can be the most common causes of misunderstandings between Europeans and Asians.

And lastly less expense, because we are used to working very methodically and we know how to share our vast depth of knowledge to great effect. haut

How many companies

As of today, we have given our support to more than 120 companies going into these markets. Here are just some: Business Objects, Fermat, Digiplug, Jetro, MV2, Netsize, Geoconcept, Criston Software, TransferTo, etc. haut