KI-Esprit also focuses upon helping innovative and secure companies to finance their efforts in R&D and Export.


When a company has a really innovative project, adequate resources, real knowhow, and proven technical competence, the company should and can be helped financially. The French state rightly thinks that by developing R&D judiciously we will be able to create jobs tomorrow. And certainly, intelligent R&D is a sure way to distance yourself from your competitors and help obtain a stronger position within the market.

Aid exists and there is a lot of it: Bpifrance, FCPI (Fonds Communs de Placement dans l'Innovation/Mutual Funds for Innovation), CIR (Crédit d'Impôt Recherche/Research and Development Tax Credit), JEI (Jeune Entreprise Innovante/New Innovative Companies), PPA (Prêt Participatif Aidé/Participating Loan), CDP (Contrat de Développement Participatif/Development Contract Loan), FEDER (Fonds Européen de Développement Economique et Régional/European Funds for Economic and Regional Development), etc. Their aim is to encourage investment in R&D.

But innovative companies are also companies that have a natural tendency towards export, sometimes quite early in their existence. Whether, with European Union countries or elsewhere, the necessary expenses prove to be often very high. Even higher if the export has need of technical, marketing and commercial support of a high order, at the same time present, dedicated and responsive.

Here also, public money can be put at the client’s disposal, giving them the means to finance their efforts in the long term. We think, evidently, of Coface. But we can also consider the CIE (Crédit d'Impôt Export/Export Fund Tax), the Research Promotion Contract (Bpifrance), etc. haut


KI-Esprit gets involved at a very early stage in the process. Sometimes at the reflexion stage which precedes the creation of the company, or when the company already exists, with the FCPI, in order to assist in obtaining the FCPI seal of approval. Once we have identified the different grants and funds that it is possible to obtain according to the nature of the project, we prepare all the technical documentations for the applications working with the customer within a methodical, explicative and advisory process. KI-Esprit supports the customer in applying to the agreed bodies in total honesty and transparency for the client. We also aid technically our clients to answer all demands for justification for realised efforts or then with eventual audits. We also help them to anticipate these by taking them through the steps which aim to effectuate an audit of their CIR and of their JEI by means of an advance tax ruling
procedure (for this procedure, we are in contact with a tax specialist for the legal part and we take in charge with the customer for any technical analysis of the R&D). haut


We work with the long term in mind and favour longstanding relationships with our clients. Consequently, we are paid on a fixed basis from the beginning plus a percentage on all funds received. haut

How many companies

As of today, nearly 400 customers have trusted us. We have been involved with more than 300 Oséo/Bpifrance applications and 200 for Coface prospecting insurance, with a success rate of around 98 %. We have obtained around 150 FCPI qualifications with a 100 % success rate following deposit agreement, and built up around 100 CIR’s and JEI’s with success, even in the case of audit controls. haut

Financing details

KI-Esprit is expert in the field of grants and funding which can be summarised into two categories: ones dedicated to R&D and ones concerning Export.